Our company has 10 r&d personnel above ph. d. level, 3 r&d personnel in charge of the development of synthetic route. They have years of experience in the development of compounds, and successfully developed the srams series, adc anti-coupling agent, small molecule anti-cancer and other highly demanding and high-tech compounds.
The company's laboratory equipment is rich and perfect to meet the development of various compounds.If you need to develop new compounds, synthetic route fumble, our company is your only choice.
Cooperation process:
1. You can send the basic introduction of the compounds you need, such as cas number, required quantity, purity requirements, etc. (the more detailed the better) to our company staff through email, whatsapp and skype.
2. Our company turned over to the developer for preliminary verification, and then communicated with the specific details.
3. After communication, the quotation is made. The price is confirmed by both parties and a specific cooperation agreement is signed.
4. Deposit
5. Complete the development and confirm it correctly. Call balance payment.